Groups of interest. What else ?

Published in 2009
Wikipedia gives a good explanation regarding various types of communities. As we agree that a group is a community. We may say that:
Groups of Action exist in a situation that is structurally more open, where actors have the possibility of bringing about change (Cause community). See Reseau Humanitaire
Groups of Circumstance are driven by position, circumstance or life experiences rather than a shared interest. See HW Job Group
Groups of Inquiry are the social and educational context that leads to “questioning, reasoning, connecting, deliberating, challenging, and developing problem-solving techniques”  See HW big ideas
Groups of Interest are composed by people who share a common passion and exchange ideas and thoughts but may know (or care) little about each other outside of this area.  See HW Best views of Earth
Groups of Place (geoGroups) are for people who are bound together because of where they reside, work, visit or otherwise spend a continuous portion of their time. See HW geoGroups
Groups of Position are build around life stages during  particular phase of their lives (such as teenage years, university/college student years, marriage, or parenthood). See EPFL school group
Groups of Purpose enable and empower people to get stuff done. See HW GTD group
Groups of Practice help people to share their learning with others having common goals. See HW Social Banking Group
If it’s clear that we have a lot of groups of interests on HyperWeek, there are also different types of groups, with concrete and specific aims.
Any suggestion of other type of groups ?

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