Twitter just announced the @platform

Twitter puts energy on their own advantages. After the retweet function in order to improve sharing, they just announced in SXSW, a huge american event, the upcoming @platform to integrate twitter functionnalities for all websites. This is definitely an interesting response to the success of Facebook Connect, but above all it’s a response to the upcoming Facebook OpenGraph that should enlarge the amount of connections with Facebook. What is the @platform ? Well, Evan Williams, founder of Twitter explains that it’s a few line of Javascript to integrate and it enables to interact between twitter accounts on any website for instance. Imagine that you see @raphaelbriner in the text. With the JS implemented and you having a twitter account, you should be able to follow me in 2 seconds without going on Twitter website.
With this move, Twitter claims that the @username is his ownership. It’s a bold move and we like it, even if it’s only the beginning of a long road to improve discovery.

We know that Switzerland Twitter base is still very small. The first 80 people that registered on the inno-swiss platform log in with Facebook (10) and linkedin (6). And no twitter account for the moment. We will see how this evolve. Meanwhile Inno-swiss is yet a perfect central to talk about your projects, your opinions. And more than that, Inno-swiss people will be in the radar of journalists and investors. Yes, they will do it simply because there is no place like this that can concentrate such amount of innovation related people. And we will try to integrate some twitter aspects. But first, connect your blog, share some interesting pictures/videos about you and your innovation.

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