Convergence is now

This last month, several developer conferences turned into the greatest PR campaigns, with a lot of successes. Time to admit that the real innovation has to be presented by projects leaders and not CEO ? The first one was Chirp, exhibiting the new Twitter strategy to integrate Twitter on all blog streams and enable direct following actions. This conference was quite inspired on Apple keynotes. Nice background, big live videos and nice edited demos. Then Facebook with the F8 conference, announcing the web was not anymore our web, but theirs. Facebook expanding on all media websites, turning what was the graal last year -Facebook Connect- into a « OLD REST API ». Facebook stealing the idea of open linked data from Tim Berners-Lee (check how far Tim was advocate of his proper vision) to enable machines to better understand the purpose of a web page.
And then Google I/O dev conf, telling us that the web, our web will go on TV, thanks to a real browser with a real interaction and with clean guidelines – remember the iPhone design guidelines ?- and cool, we see a swiss company involved in that revolution.

So the natural questions from a swiss perspective are:
How much those announcements on emerging technologies (@anywhere and Google TV were not available at launch, Facebook Opengraph is) can transform the roadmaps from leading developers in Switzerland ? Think Kudelskilocal.chday
One thing for sure is: html & html5 are the right technological choice. Android is dominating US market and will soon dominate swiss market, and so your nicely design Apple app. will not work on the best smartphone device, a Google-powered device. Unique solution, develop the core in html and stick to the minimum for the app. Have a look at clicker 10, no bling-bling, just right proportions between objects, navigation and spaces. And an innovative way to interact on the web like on TV: with arrows !
Wait, Microsoft and Apple ? Well Microsoft organized without waves the MIX in march, focusing on silverlight and they should organize apparently a main dev conference before summer – here 2009-.
Apple. If Louis Gray thinks that Apple was sleeping, I don’t. I’m waiting for the last 6 months an iPhone OS powered new kind of touch-screen TV, based on the same layout as the iPad. Google took maybe the advantage of the calendar. While the iPhone 4G is obviously a no-secret anymore, what could happen to the next Apple Conf ? My bet is a straight announcement at Apple WWDC:

New iTunes functions:

  • eCommerce extending to more TV prod
  • eTickets extending to Music shows and broadcasted shows (think Montreux Jazz, think FIFA) – new .mac capacities thanks to a huge cloud that Apple is building
  • New device: let’s call it iWall, a new Apple TV, without compagnion, just a light 24# touch-screen controled by your iPad or your iPhone with all the ***** free games Apple is having on his store.

What’s your bet ? And which dev conf. we should not miss this year ?

update Raphaël Briner

Heha! I was right for the AppleTV. 4 days later…

The next Apple TV revealed: cloud storage and iPhone OS on tap… and a $99 price tag — If you thought that Apple’s foray into the world of home entertainment died with the last iteration of the Apple TV, you’re quite wrong. A tip we’ve received — which has been confirmed by a source …

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