How to foster innovation ? Let’s have a look in Paris and Vienna

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Rolex Learning Center is a concrete step as a hub. A huge hub with a 600 people conference room with a full agenda.
I still see several issues: Certainly too big and also simply positionned as a library, not as a fundamental networking space.
IMG 2007
And location. Vienna and Paris are two initiatives that we could have a look. La Cantine is the initiative of Silicon Sentier, in the middle of fashion companies and old shops. I spent 2 days there and was lucky to see the organization of several events with around 150 people: Google I/O and Orange Innovation.
La Cantine - Google I/O
What does that mean ? Openness, co-working spaces (not studying spaces), specific market (Silicon Sentier: « we do want only devs, geeks, tech people ») and small conference spaces with agile organizations and very low costs. And live events,connected with the worldwide innovation market (broadcasted live streams).
Moving few days in Vienna, I discovered the impressive art area – MQ –, mixing a lot of cultural organizations, a bit like we have with the Maison des Arts in Geneva. The interesting thing is a dedicated galery for « Digital Kultur ». And promotion real spaces for digital initiatives (the kind of thing we could have for inno-swiss): wienWeb2digitalks.
Digitale Kultur
I wish we could see little Rolex Learning Center or maybe Rolex Networking Center be built in the hyper center of several Swiss cities such as Geneva, Bern and Zürich. We see yet some precious initiatives such as la Muse2, built with Rezonance network. Let’s sustain them and above all visit them. 

UPDATE before lunch: maybe we should have some small swissnex here



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