FightClub « Do not mess » – Apple and Google are not fighting for the same input

Today in Business Insider regarding AppleTV announcement:

Analyst Michael Gartenberg sums it up nicely on Twitter: « Apple and Google taking two different approaches. Google wants input one. Will never get it. Apple wants input two and might. »

He’s referring to the input jacks on your TV set. Google is trying to replace your cable box or satellite TV box as « input one. » That’s really ambitious, and a big risk. Apple wants « input two, » where your DVD player is today, or your PlayStation. That seems more attainable.

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In Switzerland, this announcement is also crucial for Kudelski and Logitech. Apple claims that people do not want another computer when Google is screaming that it’s the best combo. My opinion is that Apple is still not ready and preparing somethin’ different. My idea of an iWall that could kill other TV players. Meanwhile, maybe they prefer to make it in two phases, like this one: iPod then iPhone;  AppleTV then iWall.
AppleTV streaming offering will be perfect for my actual needs. No more videoshop in my area, no more movies on TV channels. Every night, I scan the TV program grumbling that I can’t access the movies I want (and my movies preferences might vary a lot depending my mood). So I will buy an AppleTV, and will think twice for Google TV due to pricing.

Drawing by Raphaël Briner and under CC-by-nd licence.

Comment from Nicolas Dengler

right, and apple might be very well positioned to manage the 2nd screen, which is more and more a reality with a multitasking audience.